Tan France and Alexa Chung have revealed that presiding over the aspirations of designers in their new Netflix fashion competition show was difficult.

Next In Fashion sees designers compete for a 250,000 US dollar (£196,195) prize and the opportunity to debut their collection with fashion retailer Net-a-Porter.

Queer Eye star France said that filming at times made him “emotional”.

Serpentine Gallery Summer Party 2018 – London
(Ian West/PA)

He added that because he and co-host model and designer Chung both have experience working in the industry they “know the pressure of this game”.

“It was hard letting people go, knowing that they’re so dedicated to what they do.

“This really does affect their life, it’s not just a competition, it’s not just a show.

“I’m not somebody who has struggled with depression, but the business can do that to you; design can do that to you.

“It was hard because it’s not just a case of, ‘well that stuff wasn’t pretty this episode’, it’s ‘we’re about to break somebody’s dream’.”

Chung said that letting people go from the programme was “tough”, adding: “It’s knowing that could be a life-changing amount of money and opportunity, and then feeling the responsibility of that.”

She added that “energy” is an essential ingredient for great design.

“I think something that we explore in the show is they’re obviously very fatigued and the finishing line gets closer and closer, but you have to still attack it with the same energy as you start the project with.

“And if you lose focus, you lose it.”

Chung also revealed her “embarrassing” first encounter with France at a party in London.

She said: “I’d completed this runway show and I guess I was elated.

“I was standing in the corner and Tan walked in and I screamed because I love him and I had literally just been watching Queer Eye.

“He heard me and I ducked under the DJ booth and said to my friend, ‘Oh my God, how embarrassing.”

“And then he came over and was like, ‘I heard that'”.

She said the pair then discussed the prospect of doing a show together.

“I think she was too drunk to realise I was saying it,” France said.

Next In Fashion comes to Netflix on January 29.