NaVi came into the ESL One Katowice Dota 2 Major competition with high hopes.

During the recent break in pro tournaments NaVi had signed some new players and in online competitions they had looked quite strong, leading to many expecting them to at least win a few matches at the Major.

However, they failed to win a single map, falling 1-0 to Fnatic in the first best-of-one round and then 2-0 to Newbee in the lower bracket. While the Fnatic game was pretty close the Newbee series was a fairly easy win for the Chinese side.

“We are not happy,” said Nikola “LeBronDota” Popovic, NaVi’s support player, after the games.

“We didn’t play how we played in scrims. So we played a bit bad, but it depends on the tournament. What we play in this one didn’t work. In this tournament you have a new meta, so we’ll see what’s going to happen next.”

Clearly the result was not what NaVi were hoping for at the event, however this was the team’s first LAN event with the new line-up, so it will most likely take them time to adjust to playing on LAN together.

LeBronDota is one of the new recruits to the team, but he seems to be settling in well.

“There are a lot more pressure [on NaVi] because there are more eyes on you,” said LeBronDota. “But it doesn’t affect me so much because there’s a lot of fans supporting you and it’s really cool.”

NaVi will now have to look towards the Bucharest Major for their first LAN success with the new roster.

Fortunately the event gets underway on March 4, so they do not have long to wait to get back into top level competition. They will have to beat some of the best teams in the world once again, with the likes of Team Liquid, Team Secret and Virtus.Pro all in attendance.