We football fans are a restless bunch, writes OxVox chair Paul Peros.

With the Wembley hangover not long faded, we are already drumming expectant fingers on the desk and asking when the next transfer is coming.

Mercifully, for a fanbase who still carries scars of transfer windows gone by, the Klaxon seems to sound at just the right moment to herald another signing.

Recruitment is an inexact science but a science it is and it is one that Ed Waldron and his team seem to be perfecting rather nicely.

Nobody can guarantee how new players will fit into a team or perform but Oxford United seem to be assembling a squad of hard-working, high-energy players with a fabulous mix of skill, experience and youth.

The centre of midfield now looks full of options and hungry eyes turn towards the front line and other areas where we could add quality to the squad.

Fans will either be delighting in tension and excitement or melting down and flying through the ceiling in equal parts.

The roller coaster goes on, but it’s quite some ride!

Off the field, work goes on and OxVox has been busy in meetings for a couple of weeks now.

Some more combative in challenging the club on areas we feel they could and should have done better, and some incredibly positive, including the excellent work going on around the stadium.

Whatever the nature of the conversations, they have been done in an open manner and at all levels of the club.

Progress is rarely linear and mistakes will be made but as we transition to a championship side it is heartening to see that the hard-fought-for levels of communication from the club have continued to improve.

This club means so much to so many people and it is so important that, while we must embrace some change, we don’t lose our identity or the core of what we love about it.

As the club progresses and we near the final push to secure our home for future generations we continue to try to grow the membership here at the independent supporters’ trust and make sure we have a strong voice for all supporters and fans involved at the very heart of our club.

We would urge any supporter who cares enough about Oxford United to have read this far to click this link - https://oxvox.org.uk/join-oxvox/ - and consider joining OxVox and helping us make sure this continues to be the greatest little club in the world.

I may be biased, but isn’t that kind of what makes it so good!