TWO fighters from Blackbird Leys Amateur Boxing Club have been crowned national champions.

Jamal Franklin and Morris James both won top honours representing Blackbird Leys ABC at the NABGC national championships held in Bridlington, Yorkshire.

James was the first to box, coming up against Mitchell Jones, of Llandudno ABC, in the Class A Under 70kg.

The Blackbird Leys boxer started fast, catching his opponent with a good combination of punches, and forcing Jones back to the ropes.

In the second round, James controlled the bout, landing the cleaner exchanges, and in the third round, he ramped up the pressure to win comfortably against his plucky opponent, and secure his second national title.

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Franklin was the second to fight, taking on Dylan Edwards, of Premier ABC Swansea, in the Class C Under 75kg group.

The first round start with Edwards rushing across the ring, only to be met with a good combination from Franklin, followed by two straight jabs.

The Blackbird Leys boxer continued to dominate, but Edwards was warned several times for holding, with points deducted in the first round.

Franklin controlled the bout with fast jabs, and all Edwards could do was hold out. After more warnings, Edwards was disqualified, therefore handing the win by default to Franklin.