Tissues at the ready – the first trailer for A24’s romantic-comedy We Live In Time starring none other than Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield has finally dropped.

Fans have been taking to social media, reacting to what is being dubbed as the film for “The Fault in our Stars kids that are now adults” and it’s clear this one is set to pull on our heartstrings.

The film from two-time BAFTA-winning director John Crowley will see the “perfect casting” of Almut (Pugh) and Tobias (Garfield) “brought together in a surprise encounter that changes their lives”.

Deadline adds: “Through snapshots of their life together — falling for each other, building a home, becoming a family — a difficult truth is revealed that rocks its foundation.

“As they embark on a path challenged by the limits of time, they learn to cherish each moment of the unconventional route their love story has taken.”

Watch We Live In Time trailer starring Florence Pugh

In the trailer, we see Almut and Tobias meet in a hospital room.

As Tobias finds himself sitting opposite Almut wearing a hospital gown and full of bruises, he asks: “So sorry, but do we know each other?”

We then discover how the pair sort of know each other, as Almut admits she’s the reason he’s injured because she accidentally hit him with her car.

In snapshots, Almut and Tobias’ blissful relationship begins to unfold, from falling in love to having a daughter together, before Almut receives a devastating diagnosis.

‘This film is going to ruin me’ – Fans react to We Live In Time trailer

After watching the newly released trailer for We Live In Time, one person wrote on X: “God the trailer made me emotional. This film is going to ruin me.”

“This is gonna hurt I can feel it” and “not me crying just from the trailer,” commented others.

An account noticed a familiar voice on the trailer’s soundtrack, posting: “Sam smith on the soundtrack? A possible very sad movie that’s going to make me cry my eyes out? Oh yes! I’m ready!”

A film fanatic exclaimed: “God that movie looks really great and emotionally moving that it screams, “Oscars INCOMING!” DEFINITELY WILL BE SEATED!!!!!!!”

Also in agreement, someone said: “It seems we are going to witness a beautiful movie.”

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This fan shared: “Andrew and Florence. A24. This looks like it’s going to be beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. Sign me up.”

When is We Live In Time coming out in the UK?

We Live In Time will have a worldwide premier at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival in September.

However, a UK launch date is yet to be announced.