CONSERVATIVE MP Nicola Blackwood promised to finish the work she started after winning by almost 10,000 votes.

In 2010, Ms Blackwood won the Oxford West and Abingdon constituency by a narrow margin, beating Liberal Democrat Evan Harris by just 176 votes.

But this time round she got a massive majority, polling 26,153 votes compared to Lib Dem Layla Moran, who got 16,571.

Ms Blackwood said it had been a privilege to serve her constituents and added she was determined to complete major projects in the area the Government had embarked on.

She said: “We had a hardfought campaign in this area and I am very grateful that constituents trusted in me.

“I want to continue the investment in the A34.

“As far as the A34 is concerned, there is an absolute commitment to deliver on Lodge Hill at Abingdon and, in the long-term, a feasibility study will address capacity problems.

“We also want to create an Oxford to Bristol line and an Oxford to Heathrow line to move as much as we can from road to rail.”

Ms Blackwood added she would continue to lobby for more money to deliver the flood defence channel needed in Oxford to prevent homes being repeatedly flooded and major roads in the city having to be closed.

“I am sure it can be delivered by working with the county council and Local Enterprise Partnership,” she said.

Ms Blackwood said she started the day with a “dawn raid” at 5.30am to leaflet voters.

She praised Prime Minister and Witney MP David Cameron for “staying the course and running a very strong campaign which has clearly paid dividends”.

Fellow Tories, including Henley MP John Howell, and Wantage MP Ed Vaizey, gathered with Ms Blackwood to celebrate after a Conservative clean-sweep at the count at Vale of White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre in Audlett Drive, Abingdon.

The turnout in the Oxford West and Abingdon constituency was high – 75.3 per cent compared to 70.2 per cent in 2010.

Lib Dem candidate Layla Luke Sproule & Andy Ffrench Moran said she was pleased with the party’s local campaign.

She added: “We have run the campaign of our lives here.

“It has been an impossible backdrop for Lib Dems across the country and we have done better than some incumbent Lib Dem MPs.

“I think the constituency will one day return a Lib Dem MP.

“We are incredibly resilient and are not going to go away.”

Ms Blackwood had been criticised in some quarters for failing to appear at several hustings events in the runup to the election, but this clearly did not have an effect on the outcome.

She also revealed during the campaign that she has been battling a genetic condition called EhlersDanlos (EDS), but said it did not affect her performance as an MP.