AFTER four months of trying to get an answer over the future of closed Barton Post Office, fed-up councillor Van Coulter hopes he can get a response, via the Royal Mail.

The exasperated Oxford City Council member has fired off a letter – registered delivery, of course – outlining concerns of residents and the need for bosses to set the record straight.

The closure of facilities in Underhill Circus in February has left many older people with difficult journeys to collect pensions.

But Labour’s Mr Coulter said his repeated requests for information and offers of community help have been ignored by the Post Office.

He says he has resorted to using the “registered delivery” service, which requires the recipient to sign on delivery, to ensure his letter arrives on the managing director’s desk.

Mr Coulter said: “It is beyond a joke.”

In his letter to Post Office managing director David Smith, Mr Coulter said: “Since February 18, I and other leaders of the local community have been trying to contact Post Office Limited.

“I had thought that something had been achieved when I received a letter on March 10 apologising for the lack of notice given before the closure. However, on phoning the telephone number provided for further information, once I explained the purpose of my call, I was advised ‘well why are you phoning this number?’ “It became evident that the number provided was a general enquiry line.”

He said: “A contact address was also provided. However, the letters I sent in March, April and May failed to receive a reply.”

He reassured Mr Smith: “I will keep at this matter until I can get a considered reply addressing the needs of my constituents.”

The sub-post office in Underhill Circus shut without warning in February following the resignation of the sub-postmaster.

The Post Office said the premises were no longer available but added it was committed to maintaining a service in Barton.

However, the closure has left many elderly people facing longer journeys to either Risinghurst or Headington to collect pensions.

Barton Community Association even organised transport to help some vulnerable pensioners make the vital trip to a Post Office. The association has offered to host it in Barton Community Centre.

Post Office Ltd spokesman Richard Hall said: “We remain committed to restoring Post Office services in the Underhill Circus area and our efforts to find a solution continue.”