IT may be all Greek to most of us, but one group of children are becoming classical experts after acting out an ancient play.

Pupils at St Aloysius Primary school, in Woodstock Road, North Oxford, have been busy learning about ancient Greece. And they shared their enthusiasm for the subject by staging their own play based on the Iliad – the story of the Trojan Wars, dating back to the eighth century BC.

Homer’s thrilling epic is believed to be the oldest work of western literature. And to bring the story to life, the children climbed into their own wooden Trojan Horse – created by sculpter and carpenter Jim Kempton, husband of Year Three class teacher Sophie Kempton.

Mrs Kempton said: “The children enjoyed learning about ancient Greece, so we helped bring some of the stories they liked, from the Iliad and Odyssey, to life.

“It may seem a bit ambitious teaching Greek classics to seven- and eight-year-old children, but they have really got into it. There is a bit of romance, tragedy and war, which appeals to boys and girls.”

Eddie Hughes, eight, said: “It was great fun learning about ancient Greece. The stories are great, and everyone loved dressing up.