A STEVEN Spielberg fan has paid homage to the director with a short film to raise money for Oxford’s Heart Centre.

Andrew Carslaw, from Radley, is putting his film Gardening and Other Crimes on sale online with proceeds going to the centre.

The film echoes the Hollywood director’s futuristic thriller Minority Report, where Tom Cruise plays a detective who pursues criminals – before they have committed a crime.

In Mr Carslaw’s film, Daniel and Melinda Edwards star as a happily-married couple looking forward to their first baby.

But their idyllic life is about to be shattered when Daniel discovers he will be accused of murdering Melinda in the future.

While Mr Spielberg’s movie cost US$100m and was filmed in Los Angeles, Mr Carslaw settled for Oxford University physics department Denys Wilkinson building, in Keble Road, where he works in web development.

Screenwriters Simon Dillon and Simon Smith and actors Frazz Jarvis, Brian Conroy and Zinta Gercans volunteered their services for the film.

Mr Carslaw, 36, a father-of-two, was inspired to help the heart centre after personal experience of its expertise.

He said: “The project started out as a bit of fun but I have wanted to make a film since I first watched Jaws.

“However, the day before the film was about to be shown in the department, my supervisor at work was rushed into the John Radcliffe Hospital with heart problems.

“This threw up a lot of emotion for me, as earlier in the year my mother-in-law was also rushed in to the JR with even more serious heart-conditions. That was quite a scare as she originally only went to the GP for a check-up.

“One week later she was critical in hospital and we were told things weren’t looking hopeful.

“But, I’m happy to say, because of the unit’s hard work, she’s healthy again after several operations and thankfully still with us.”

He hopes to raise hundreds of pounds for the centre. He said: “The idea is that if people donate £2.50 or more, I will send them a link so that they can access the film.”