PSYCHIC Uri Geller has met dying mum Tobi Mills in an attempt to cure her of cancer.

The world-famous spoonbender read about Tobi and stepped in to invite her and her twins to his luxury mansion in Sonning-on-Thames, near Henley.

He told the Oxford Mail: "We all have healing powers within us and I believe I can trigger that, which is why I called. I'm not saying I can cure her but since I have done this successfully in the past, I thought it was worth a try. Tobi has nothing to lose.

"I thought from the newspaper reports that Tobi was a very open-minded and positive person. So many people in her position are depressed and down."

Uri spent 15 minutes working on Tobi's illness, during which he placed a hand on her liver, which is riddled with secondary tumours.

She said: "Later that evening, I was talking to a friend on the phone and I said I'd been to see Uri Geller. As I said it, I felt a strange sensation, like a radiating energy, in my liver. "It wasn't heat and it wasn't cold, it was just as if the whole area was highlighted."

Down-to-earth Tobi has no logical explanation.

"Perhaps it's psychosomatic, I don't know. All I know is I first thought it was because of the way I was sitting, so I moved and it carried on. It has happened every time I've sat and thought about him touching my liver," she added.

Uri was not surprised to hear that Tobi had had a reaction. "I have heard it many times from other people I've tried to help.

"You must be careful, though, not to make out that I'm a miracle worker. I'm not, but there have been many people who have been to see me who have had their cancers disappear. We all have healing powers within us.

"I believe I can trigger that in some people. I am a catalyst and since I have been successful in the past, I thought it was worth a try, so I called Tobi.

"After all, she has nothing to lose." Tobi said after- wards: "He didn't come across as a guy interested in promoting himself for the power and glory. "He's very genuine and wants to help anyone he can with his gift.

"It's as if he has a healing pair of hands and a friendly face."

The visit had begun with a spooky moment when the watch Tobi always wears went missing.

As she sat on the sofa in Uri's sitting room she noticed it was gone.

Uri, who claims the ability both to stop and start clocks using his psychic powers, thought it could be a sign.

"It was strange," said Tobi. "I found it later, unbroken, tucked down the side of the seat in the car. It doesn't ever fall off." The kids will always remember great time WHEN Ashton and Lauren Mills arrived at Uri Geller's mansion, they were overawed.

But when the world's most famous spoonbender introduced himself, they relaxed and settled in for two hours of continuous fun.

"Call me Uri, not Mr Geller," he said as he met the twins, who both admitted they hadn't known who he was.

Uri spent time talking about spoonbending, stopping and starting clocks and swimming with dolphins - one of the things the Mills family want to do when they visit Florida soon.

Uri bent a spoon for each of the children and signed them.

Then he played a mind game with Ashton, asking him to draw a picture and hide it. Within minutes, Uri had drawn an identical picture - a hamburger exactly the same size as Ashton's drawing.

Uri's sitting room, complete with crystal ball, also houses his fascinating ornaments and the signed footballs he collects. The twins met Uri's four dogs and then went upstairs to play on the expensive exercise equipment Uri has in his private gym. They rushed out with Uri to look at his Japanese garden and his helipad, where the rich and famous park their helicopters when they come to see the star.

But the greatest excitement of all was looking at Uri's famous Cadillac car, which is covered in no less than 5,000 famous people's cutlery and a crystal ball given to him by Salvador Dali.

"I have a spoon from Elvis Presley, from John Lennon and from East 17," Uri told the twins.

But they were most impressed with spoons from the Spice Girls and Oasis.

He gave the children games and videos and even presented Ashton - who has worn a baseball cap continuously since his mum first lost her hair nearly two years ago - with a new, limited edition baseball cap.

"I only had 100 of these made and I only give them to very special people," he said as he fitted one on Ashton's head.

Tobi said afterwards: "They had a wonderful time. He was very relaxed and the children really enjoyed it.

"It will be something they'll always remember."

Our picture shows Uri, Tobi, Ashton and Lauren beside the psychic's spoon-covered Cadillac Sporting stars are all dart STARS from the world of darts are rallying round for the Tobi Mills £10,000 Appeal tomorrow night.

Former world champions John Lowe and Leighton Rees will be playing members of the public to help raise money for the appeal.

The event, at the Cowley Community Centre in Barns Road, starts at 7.15pm and raffle prizes include a trip for two to Brussels on EuroStar.How you can help How you can help YOU can pledge money towards the appeal by telephoning 01865 205192, or by fax on 01865 242569.

Or you can pay money over the counter at any Lloyds Bank branch, quoting sort code 30-12-51 and account number 0088442.

Cheques should be made payable to The Tobi Mills £10,000 Appeal.

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