HE MIGHT be able to find his way around a Tardis – but navigating Oxford’s narrow alleys and cobbled streets are an altogether trickier task for actor John Barrowman.

As Captain Jack Harkness, the Torchwood and Doctor Who star can be seen effortlessly blazing a trail across different dimensions and time zones.

But it was the intricate nature of Oxford streets such as St Giles and Blue Boar Street which really stumped the science fiction star.

Not to mention difficulties with Oxford’s large cycling community!

Attending a book signing at Borders in Magdalen Street today, the Broadway star told the Oxford Mail: “Oxford’s a very confusing city to get around, but the buildings are very beautiful.”

Mr Barrowman, 42, added that there were “too many bicycles” and “too many cyclists and they don’t obey the rules”.

He said: “I’m all for cycling, but they should have (vehicle) insurance just like the rest of us.”

And the Scottish-born entertainer is thankful he is tackling Daleks and not Oxford residents in outer space after he was accosted by a woman while admiring the Radcliffe Camera last year.

Mr Barrowman said the woman told him how ridiculous it was that tourists come here and “abuse our monuments”.

He said: “I turned round and told her where to go because you need tourism.”

Despite the problems, Mr Barrowman said he enjoyed singing underneath the city’s Bridge of Sighs while sightseeing, and plans on returning to the city on his next theatre tour.

More than 250 fans queued up for more than two and a half hours to get copies of Mr Barrowman’s memoirs I am what I am signed by the singer.

Clare Rouse, from Middleton Stoney, near Bicester, who queued for an hour and a half, said: “It was unbelievable to meet him, but a bit rushed.”

The 39-year-old, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, added: “He’s got such star quality.

“He’s a real all-round entertainer and whatever he does he’s good at.”

Sandy Grimes, 36, from Sydney, Australia, travelled to Oxford specially to see the Broadway star and has bought tickets to see him perform his West End show La Cage aux Folles four times.

She said: “It was great. John says what he thinks and he’s got so much energy. I think that everyone loves that about him.”

She added: “I didn’t get long enough with him though, but he’s so much better looking in person.”

Brian Fence, 28, who lives in Western Road, Oxford, bought three copies of Mr Barrowman’s book for himself and friends. He said: “He was very nice and very friendly.

“Not only can he act, but he’s a great singer and he’s rather funny too.”