JK Rowling has described comments made by Oxford East MP Anneliese Dodds as “nonsensical” after she was announced in Sir Keir Starmer's new cabinet.

The Harry Potter author has previously accused Labour of having “abandoned” her and others campaigning for women’s rights.

Ms Rowling has become known as a fierce advocate for the rights of biological women after criticising Scottish Government proposals to introduce self-identification for transgender people.

Earlier this week Ms Dodds was appointed a minister of state in the Department of Education being named Minister for Women and Equalities.

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Anneliese Dodds was elected in Oxford last week.Anneliese Dodds was elected in Oxford last week. (Image: PA)

This will see her serve under Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson who was named also minister for Women and Equalities.

However, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson said Ms Dodds will be the lead minister, with Ms Phillipson having also been named a minister for “constitutional purposes” as she is a Secretary of State.

The spokesperson said: “Anneliese Dodds will be the minister for Women and Equalities and will be, as I understand it, attending Cabinet but for sort of constitutional purposes you also need someone who’s a full Cabinet member having the brief as part of their role, but for all intents and purposes, Anneliese Dodds will be the lead minister.”

Last October, speaking at Labour’s National Annual Women’s Conference, Ms Dodds said a Labour win in the election would see her “become the UK’s first ever Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, with a seat at the top table, dedicated to advocating for women in all their diversity in every Cabinet conversation”.

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Shortly after Monday’s announcement, Ms Rowling tweeted part of a transcript from an interview Ms Dodds had done on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour in 2022.

According to the posted transcript, when asked for Labour’s definition of a woman, Ms Dodds said there are “different definitions legally around what a woman actually is” and, when pressed again, said: “I think it does depend what the context is.”

Ms Rowling tweeted: “And if you happen to be wondering how I have the transcript of that Woman’s Hour to hand, it was sent to me by Dodds’ office after I publicly criticised her prevarication on the programme.

“They seemed to think I’d find her comments less nonsensical if I saw them in print.”

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The Harry Potter author reacted to the Labour MP's comments.The Harry Potter author reacted to the Labour MP's comments. (Image: PA)

Ms Dodds, in her time as shadow women and equalities secretary, affirmed Labour’s commitment to “trans people and women” and criticised the demonisation of vulnerable people.

Last year she said Labour is “committed to modernising the Gender Recognition Act”.

In an article for The Guardian, she added: “Changing gender is not a decision anyone makes lightly. The process is intrusive, outdated and humiliating.

“So we will modernise, simplify and reform the gender recognition law to a new process. We will remove invasive bureaucracy and simplify the process.”

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JK Rowling took to social media with her thoughts.JK Rowling took to social media with her thoughts.

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