Bicester and Woodstock candidate for the Liberal Democrats, Calum Miller, has reacted to the newly launched manifesto which launched on Monday, June 10.

Responding to the manifesto launch by Sir Ed Davey, Mr Miller said:  "Across the Bicester and Woodstock constituency, voters tell me that sorting out the mess the Conservatives have made of the NHS is their top priority.

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"Rishi Sunak said he would bring down waiting lists but he has failed and here people tell me about long delays to getting GP appointments, long waits for hospital treatment while managing pain, and no access to a NHS dentist.

"I am proud the Lib Dems are putting investment in the NHS at the heart of our manifesto.

"The Tory NHS crisis will not be solved by money alone but we are focusing on smart investments that will reduce the pressure on hospitals, which are the most expensive part of the system.

"By improving access to GPs and dentists and, especially, by investing in our care system, people will be better looked after and we will deal with health issues earlier so that fewer people end up in hospital.

Calum Miller and Sir Ed Davey were in Bicester last week as part of their campaign trail.Calum Miller and Sir Ed Davey were in Bicester last week as part of their campaign trail. (Image: Bicester & Woodstock Liberal Democrats)

"Our manifesto is fully costed.

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"We won't raise taxes on hardworking people who are struggling with the Tories' cost of living crisis.

"Instead, we will pay for our proposals fairly.

"This will include reversing bankers tax cuts, closing Capital Gains loopholes, taxing big tech companies and strengthening the windfall tax."

Other candidates hoping to win a seat in the Bicester and Woodstock constituency are: Tim Funnell (Social Democratic Party), Rupert Harrison (The Conservative Party), Ian Michael Middleton (The Green Party), Veronica Oakeshott (Labour Party) and Augustine Obodo (Reform UK)