The mural in Banbury is completed and was launched at the weekend with a new networking hub, Power Cup. 

The grand opening held on Saturday, June 1 celebrated the new mural and launched the networking hub, which is a 'first in the UK'.

The vibrant new mural has been in the works for four months with three artists involved, and is now fully completed, boasting a range of colours and pictures. 

This is Oxfordshire:

Located on the Bridge Street and Cherwell Street junction near the train station, the town centre wall has been a canvass for vibrant artwork over the last 30 years and has featured an image of a pigeon in recent years.

Owners of Power Cup, Natalia Karwacka and Tomas Kolbu, said that despite the weather not being great, the launch was 'super great' and they were very excited to open.

This is Oxfordshire:

They said: "Sunday was better as we had a sunny day, so the garden was full."

The duo are aiming to get more people to come to this part of the town. 

The networking hub will offer healthy drinks and coffee and a chance for residents to connect over a 'perfect blend of community and caffeine'.

This is Oxfordshire:

Visitors can sit inside or enjoy the sun in the garden. 

Power Cup will be open Monday to Friday 6am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 6pm, and Sunday 10am to 6pm.