A biotech company  has become the latest arrival at a technology park near Didcot

NeoVac has relocated to a new lab and office space at Milton Park as it looks to scale and seize future growth opportunities.

The company is aiming to revolutionise LNP-mRNA (lipid nanoparticle) based vaccines.

NeoVac’s drug delivery platform includes a library of novel and next-generation lipid nanoparticles that can be used in the RNA technology, which was used in COVID vaccines.

NeoVac’s CEO, Dr Eran Eilat, said: "As NeoVac grew to what is now over 20 team members we needed to find new premises which gave us flexibility and opportunities to scale as we continue our mission to revolutionise LNP-mRNA based vaccines and treatments around the globe.

"Benefitting from its close proximity to Oxford, Milton Park gives us a platform to collaborate with leading life science companies and gain access to world-class talent and universities.

"We’re looking forward to integrating with the wider Milton Park community as we begin life at our new HQ."

NeoVac was founded in 2021 by professor Dan Peer and professor Sir Adrian Hill.

Professor Peer was the first to show systemic, cell-specific delivery of mRNA payloads in an animal, pioneering the use of RNA interference for drug discovery in immune cells.

Sir Adrian, who was co-inventor of the AstraZeneca vaccine and a recognised specialist in malaria vaccines, oversees NeoVac’s ongoing clinical trials and leads the Jenner Institute at Oxford University.