A couple visiting Oxford slept in their car after a “nightmare” stay at a city centre hotel where they discovered a dead mouse in their room.

Rachel and Steve Rogers came to the city from Cirencester in Gloucestershire for a theatre show but had to sleep in a park and ride overnight following what they described as the “worst hotel experience” they have ever had.

The pair turned up at the Eurobar Hotel in George Street, which has signs above the door referring to it as the Oxo Hotel, on Tuesday (May 28) but on arrival were unable to get inside as "nobody answered the door to let them in".

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Once in the hotel Ms Rogers, aged 50, described the room as “filthy” with mould in the shower and a dead mouse under a cabinet.

This is Oxfordshire: A dead mouse was found inside the roomA dead mouse was found inside the room (Image: Rachel Rogers)

She said: “Dust covered every surface, and the bed linen was visibly dirty.

“There were cracks in the windows, mould in the shower, and we even found a dead mouse under the cabinet. It was absolutely disgusting and unacceptable.

“I was bitten by fleas within minutes of entering the room.

This is Oxfordshire: Steve and Rachel Rogers resorted to sleeping in a car Steve and Rachel Rogers resorted to sleeping in a car (Image: Rachel Rogers)“This is a serious health concern and speaks volumes about the poor hygiene standards of this hotel.

“The mould, dirt, dust, broken glass and dead mouse only confirm the extent of the health hazards in this room. The stench was terrible.”

Just after midnight, the couple decided that they would rather sleep in their car in a nearby park and ride “unable to bear the conditions” any longer.

The room booked was described as a “deluxe” by the hotel but Ms Rogers labelled this a “complete misrepresentation”.


This is Oxfordshire: Mould in the hotel room

She added that the TV didn't work, the lock on the door was faulty making them feel “very unsafe”, and instead of a city view, the couple were greeted with a “dismal sight” of the next-door bus station.

Ms Rogers said: “In conclusion, Eurobar Hotel failed on every level.

“The state of the hotel was unacceptable, and the lack of basic hygiene and safety standards was shocking.

“We would not recommend this hotel to anyone and strongly advise potential guests to look elsewhere.

“This was by far the worst hotel experience we have ever had.

“I would suggest this is a health and safety risk to anyone who books to stay here.”

This is Oxfordshire: A dead mouse was found underneath the cabinet A dead mouse was found underneath the cabinet (Image: Rachel Rogers)The couple have since contacted the hotel and Booking.com but said they have not received a response from either.

A spokesperson for Booking.com said: “Booking.com​ takes any complaint seriously and is looking into the issues raised.”

The Oxford Mail has approached Eurobar Hotel for a comment but has yet to receive a response.

This is Oxfordshire: The couple had to set up a yoga mat in their car to sleep onThe couple had to set up a yoga mat in their car to sleep on (Image: Rachel Rogers)

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