Peter Adamson is back with a new book, 'A Town Called Wallingford.'

The book is a collection of 19 essays all themed around the town of Wallingford.

The book's subjects vary greatly, from 'The great coffee shop takeover' to 'Why William Blackstone has a right to be considered one of the most influential people ever born in these islands.’

Mr Adamson, retired after spending the majority of his career with UNICEF, is also the author of three novels and a collection of short stories.

This is his second book focusing on Wallingford.

His previous book, 'Landmark in Time – The World of Wittenham Clumps', also touched on the locality.

Presently, Mr Adamson lives in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell with his two children, both studied at Wallingford School.

'A Town Called Wallingford' was the feature of a talk at St. Mary's, and is now available for purchase at the Wallingford Bookshop and can be ordered online for free delivery from Mr Adamson’s official site.