The future Queen of Belgium has made quite the name for herself while studying at the University of Oxford.

Crown Princess Elisabeth moved to the city in 2021 to study a History and Politics bachelor’s degree at Lincoln College.

After three academic years in Oxford, the Belgian royal is set to leave England in favour of the United States to study for a master’s degree at Boston’s Harvard University.

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thisisoxfordshire: The royal moved to Oxford in 2021 for her studies.The royal moved to Oxford in 2021 for her studies. (Image: Bas Bogaerts)

The 22-year-old is the eldest of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium’s four children and is next in line to the throne.

Much has been made of her time in Oxford with the celebrity student attracting attention from the media and the public alike while making friends along the way.

Before moving to the city, Princess Elisabeth studied at Atlantic College, a boarding school set in a 12th-century castle in the Vale of Glamorgan.

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thisisoxfordshire: Princess Elisabeth completed her military training last year.Princess Elisabeth completed her military training last year. (Image: The Royal Military Academy)

She started life in Oxford with a photoshoot which saw her pictured by Bas Bogaerts outside several landmarks including the iconic Radcliffe Camera.

Last summer Princess Elisabeth concluded her military training her military training at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels.

After learning to use grenades and anti-tank weapons, the Belgian heir to the throne took her officer oath, completing the courses which she began in September 2020.

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thisisoxfordshire: Princess Elizabeth at the University of Oxford (Pic: Bas Bogaerts).Princess Elizabeth at the University of Oxford (Pic: Bas Bogaerts).

The future queen then made headlines in February of this year after befriending a fellow student at Oxford who was studying history at the same college as her.

Nicholas Dodd of Rochdale first met the princess on their matriculation day in October 2021 and since then the pair have allegedly become close.

According to a Belgian newspaper as per The Times, the pair since developed a relationship that “transcends friendship”.

On Sunday, March 17, she travelled back to Belgium to meet former US President Barack Obama with her father at the Castle of Laeken in Brussels.

The princess wore an aptly royal blue two-piece as she was photographed alongside her father and Mr Obama.

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thisisoxfordshire: Princess Elisabeth with former US President Barack Obama and her father.Princess Elisabeth with former US President Barack Obama and her father. (Image: The Belgian Royal Palace)

Flash forward to the present day and it was announced this month that Princess Elisabeth would be leaving Oxford in order to study at Harvard University in America.

A statement released from the Belgian Royal Palace said: “After having recently successfully completed the admission tests, Her Royal Highness Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant, will begin a master's degree in public policy this summer at Harvard University (Harvard Kennedy School) in Boston.

“This two-year course will complete her university education following her bachelor's degree in History and Politics at the University of Oxford (Lincoln College).

“The Princess was also selected for an ‘Honorary Award’ from the Fulbright program, the international exchange program in the field of education of the United States Department of State.”