A best-selling author has marked the 10th anniversary of his business networking book by looking at how the task has changed in the last decade.

Networking specialist Stefan Thomas, from Oxfordshire, is celebrating a decade since releasing 'Business Networking for Dummies'.

He has witnessed the transformation of networking, attending more than 1,500 face to face networking events since the book's release.

One of the changes he has noticed is in what people wear. He said: "When I started going networking, everyone wore suits.

"Business dress has undoubtedly changed in that time."

Discussing the incorporation of social media into networking, he said: "In 2024, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are firmly established as an essential part of any business's networking activity."

He also noted a shift away from traditional business cards, saying: "These days I don't carry business cards and am much more likely to connect with someone on LinkedIn whilst we are chatting."

He said he felt this was a result of the pandemic.

Mr Thomas touched on the emergence of virtual networking and its efficiency benefits.

He also underlined the recognition of networking as a vital skill within teams in organisations and lauded LinkedIn's increased prominence in the business and commerce sectors.

Mr Thomas has made more than 10,000 book sales and is a professional speaker.

He also runs his own invitation only national networking group, Connect.