Families have spoken out about in anguish after ornaments on their children's graves have been repeatedly vandalised.

Thames Valley Police revealed there have been two incidents within the last month when graves were left damaged at Berinsfield Burial Ground.

Now they want people to come forward if they know of any other incidents.

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And families who have been affected say they hope the culprit is arrested.

The parish council, which runs the cemetery, says it has now passed CCTV footage to the police.

Kerry Hawkins, 43, said she was left heartbroken after the grave of her baby daughter, Shianne Hawkins, was vandalised. Shianne was stillborn 23 years ago.

Ms Hawkins, who has a grown-up son and two teenage daughters, said her whole family was upset that ornaments on her daughter's grave have been vandalised for the second year in a row.

thisisoxfordshire: Damage at the grave of Kerry Hawkins' sonThere was a similar spate of vandalism in the graveyard about 12 months ago.

Ms Hawkins, who now lives in Rose Hill, said: "I keep my daughter's grave at Berinsfield immaculate and she rested peacefully there until last year when ornaments on her grave got smashed up.

"Now it has happened again and to see a loved one's resting place like that is soul-destroying."

Ornaments which were damaged include a love heart featuring two cherubs and a solar-powered angel that lights up.

Ms Hawkins added: "You could see the boot marks where the ornaments had been trampled - I think whoever did it must have disturbed about 30 graves.

"It will cost us at least a couple of hundred pounds to replace what's damaged and I think whoever did this should be arrested."

thisisoxfordshire: Damage at Sally Willoughby's son's graveSally Willoughby, from Berinsfield, has been leaving birthday flowers at the grave of her son Joby, who died aged two months in 2009 from health complications.

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Ornaments at Joby's grave were damaged last year, and the vandalism has been repeated this year.

Ms Willoughby said: "This time birthday flowers were kicked everywhere and ornaments smashed to smithereens.

"I'm heartbroken - if anyone else has been affected they should report it to the police."

Thames Valley Police said: "It has sadly come to our attention that someone has been damaging graves within the Berinsfield cemetery. 

"We are now aware of at least two separate incidents this month whereby at least four graves have been damaged.

"We are keen to find out who is responsible so we are appealing for any information in relation to these incidents and urge anyone who has experienced any damage to a loved ones grave, contact us to report it."

Those with information are asked to quote the crime reference number 432443240119166.

Annette Loveland, clerk to Berinsfield parish council, said: "Sadly it was ornaments and floral tributes on graves in the burial ground that were damaged.

thisisoxfordshire: Berinsfield near Wallingford"The vehicular gates at the burial ground are always locked unless access is required by contractors or for a funeral. 

"The pedestrian access gate to the burial ground is locked at 7pm from October to April and at 9pm from May to September. The pedestrian gate is unlocked each day at 7am.

"Images from the CCTV camera have been passed to Thames Valley Police."

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