THE reconciliation of a mother and son born from a cancer diagnosis has led to a tragic situation as he now faces prison time.

James O’Fiera, 34, was visiting his mother, Jane Thatcher, at her home in Coxon Lane, Henley on February 22 this year following her diagnosis of terminal cancer.

However, the visit got O’Fiera arrested as he was breaching a harassment order put in place at Oxford Crown Court in March 2022 for 10 years.

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The order was put in place following a period of abuse between O’Fiera and his mother which included him smashing her table against the wall in an alcohol-infused rampage.

However, following Ms Thatcher’s diagnosis, she reconciled with her son in what a defence barrister has described as ‘the last months of her life’.

Oxford Crown Court heard on Thursday (March 28) that Ms Thatcher had applied to revoke the harassment order in July last year but had ‘heard nothing back’ from the relevant authorities.

As a result of his arrest, O’Fiera, of Mount View, Henley, was charged with one count of breaching his harassment order.

During his sentencing hearing, his barrister said: “[His mother] is sadly terminally ill and has late stage cancer.

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“At this stage in her life, with her illness, it appears she has reconciled with her son and feels his assistance is of importance to her.

“She invited him to her home. It appears that when police knocked on the door, perhaps atypically he came to the door completely compliantly and Ms Thatcher made it clear to the police that her was there at her invitation.

“It’s tragic when families find themselves in this position. She wants to have the ability to see all he r family in the last months of her life.”

He said that O’Fiera has misused alcohol in the past which resulted in his ‘behaviour towards his mother which at times which abusive’.

During his sentencing in 2022, Recorder Michael Roques told O’Fiera “You threatened your mother. You were abusive towards her, you picked up a table and you smashed it against a wall not only destroying the table but damaging a radiator in the process.

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“The table had sentimental value to your mother. She inherited it from her parents and it was in effect irreplaceable.”

Judge Nigel Daly decided to adjourn the sentencing until April 25 to allow for a fresh application to be made to revoke the harassment order.

He said: “It’s unjust for him to be punished for something Ms Thatcher wants him to do, it doesn’t seem fair.”