A man has protested outside the Oxford home of Calor after being without gas for five days.

Edward Hawes uses the gas for work and had ordered a replacement fill-up on Thursday, February 15, so that it could be delivered on Monday, March 11.

He tends to order the next load while there is still 20 per cent of the fuel left in the tank, but he was left without gas for five days after the intended date.

This led to Mr Hawes driving his tractor to Calor’s distribution centre on Ferry Hinksey Road on Tuesday (March 19) morning to protest.

thisisoxfordshire: The Calor location in Botley.The Calor location in Botley. (Image: Edward Hawes)

Equipped with a sign that read “Calor Gas, where is my delivery?”, he stood alongside his tractor and waited for answers.

“I ran out of gas on Friday, March 15 so I called Calor to notify them of this and they told me they would respond within 48 hours,” said Mr Hawes.

“I was then told by Calor that there had been a problem with the delivery lorry so that is why the March delivery did not make it.”

The 53-year-old was then told by a neighbour that the Calor delivery lorry was at the park where he lives on the very same Friday.

thisisoxfordshire: The homemade sign that Edward brought with him.The homemade sign that Edward brought with him. (Image: Edward Hawes)

“I live there but they had not filled my gas tank up which I find alarming as I had made Calor aware of my position earlier that day,” added Mr Hawes.

“I then went online to see if there was a new delivery date on my account and saw it was now showing Monday, March 18.

“There was no delivery all day and I called Calor twice with the team then told me that a manager would call with an update but I am still waiting.

“I informed them that if nothing would be done then I would protest outside their Oxford depots and here I am.”

thisisoxfordshire: Onlookers appeared to enjoy the protest.Onlookers appeared to enjoy the protest. (Image: Edward Hawes)

Mr Hawes brought his tractor and trailer to the site in Botley to protest as promised along with his homemade sign.

Oxford Mail reached out to Calor for more information on the incident to which the gas company revealed they ended up delivering the product following the protest.

A Calor spokesperson said: “We apologise to Mr Hawes for the late delivery of his gas which was due to our delivery vehicle breaking down.

“Unfortunately, an error was made when rescheduling the delivery which led to a further delay.

“A delivery was made today and we will be in touch with Mr Hawes to apologise directly for the inconvenience this has caused him.”