Hovis has entered an exclusive three-year brand licensing agreement with an Oxford-based start-up.

Modern Baker has collaborated with Hovis since April 2023, focusing on the development, manufacture, and distribution of its Superloaf and Super Bakery franchise across the UK and Ireland.

The partnership has allowed Modern Baker to tap into Hovis' research and development resources and bake its gut-health loaf at scale.

thisisoxfordshire: Modern Baker's SuperloafModern Baker's Superloaf (Image: Modern Baker)

This collaboration seeks to produce new bread recipes catering to health-conscious consumers, given Modern Baker's noted 'health-plus' approach.

Jon Jenkins, CEO of Hovis, said: "The new licensing agreement is an exciting step for Hovis.

"Our brand has been at the forefront of new innovation for the last 140 years and we see strong potential for continual growth and the development of new variants with Modern Baker.

"We know that today’s consumer is increasingly interested in health and gut health and we look forward to working with Modern Baker to grow the current range and innovate with new fantastic tasting products."

thisisoxfordshire: Melissa Sharp says Superloaf is the result of six years of nutrition innovationMelissa Sharp says Superloaf is the result of six years of nutrition innovation (Image: Modern Baker)

Co-founder of Modern Baker, Melissa Sharp, added: "Superloaf is the result of six years of nutrition innovation, and this licence agreement with Hovis is a huge opportunity to make a health-positive impact on the UK’s staple food at scale.

"Hovis is a brand synonymous with quality, not to mention a national treasure, and therefore the obvious partner for our ambition to place the UK at the centre of nutrition innovation."