Lloyds Bank is closing its Abingdon branch in the summer.

The bank in Ock Street is sandwiched between two Indian restaurants - the Dil Raj and The Prince of India.

It will close on July 24 and there is now a closure notice in the window.

The Lloyds Bank branch closure follows the closure of the Barclays branch in the town, which closed on February 15.

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NatWest and HSBC branches in the town remain open.

thisisoxfordshire: Lloyds Bank in AbingdonLloyds Bank said in a statement: "Before we close any branch, we look at how our customers are managing their money and using the branch.

Most customers are now using our mobile app, internet banking or calling us instead, which means they are using branches, including the Abingdon branch much less."

After the branch closes, a 'Community Banker' will be available to support customers in the area one day a week.

thisisoxfordshire: Lloyds Bank in AbingdonWhen the branch closes customers will be encouraged to contact bank staff on 0345 300 0000, or use a mobile phone app, or internet banking.The Lloyds Bank group, which includes Halifax and Bank of Scotland, will close 166 branches in 2024 and 10 next year.

In May, it is also expected to close its mobile banking fleet.

This was set up as an alternative to high street branches, with vans visiting towns and cities and offering services including cashing in cheques, paying bills, sending money abroad and general banking inquiries. 

The Lloyds Bank branch in Banbury Road, Summertown, shut in July, 2022.

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