A healthcare firm is partnering with an organisation which supports people with severe skincare conditions in Myanmar.

Consultant Connect, based in Oxford, has teamed up with Burma Skincare Initiative.

The Oxford company allows communication between UK-based dermatologists and Myanmar clinicians through its service.

Through Consultant Connect’s technology, clinicians in Myanmar can share images and messages with UK specialists.

This means diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions among the most underserved communities in the country are being improved significantly.

There are fewer than 100 dermatologists for a population of 55 million people in Myanmar, formerly Burma.

Jonathan Patrick, CEO at Consultant Connect, said: "We are very pleased to support Burma Skincare Initiative with their work to make healthcare readily available in the country.

"Access to specialist quality healthcare is vitally important to improve outcomes for patients.

"As well as providing better patient care, the data gathered via the app will support the BSI team to develop training around common conditions."

Access to the service has been made available for charities working in the country, including Medical Action Myanmar and The Leprosy Mission Myanmar.

Chris Griffiths of Burma Skincare Initiative said: "Our collaboration with Consultant Connect has been a game-changer for the management of skin disease in Myanmar.

"This has facilitated easy communication between clinicians in Myanmar and specialist dermatologists in the UK to rapidly arrive at diagnoses and treatment plans for patients."