An Oxford-based impact investing platform is offering projects in the region the chance to raise funds.

Celebrating 10 years of impact investing, a report showed that Ethex raised more than £120 million to fund more than 200 projects, addressing issues including climate change and social inequality.

Currently active on the platform are two Oxford projects - the Homes for Hooky community share offer and The Project PT bond offer.

Addressing the housing crisis in Oxford, the Hook Norton CLT Community Share Offer presents an opportunity for direct investment in a community-owned affordable housing development.

A total of 12 homes are under construction, with eight to be offered at affordable rents to locals.

The community share offer aims to raise £500,000, with a target return of 6 per cent to investors.

The Project PT, a gym and social outreach organisation, aims to raise £350,000 via a bond offer to open three new gyms in Oxfordshire.

Ajaye Hunn-Phillips, co-founder, outlined plans to work with 1,000 young people each year across Oxfordshire.

She said: "We welcome investors to join us in our mission to empower individuals and uplift communities."

The bond offer targets a return of 7 per cent and can be included in an Innovative Finance ISA, offering potential tax-free returns.

Ethex CEO Lisa Ashford said: "We are very pleased to have two investment opportunities that will create such a strong positive impact for people and the environment and hope local people will get behind these extraordinary organisations."