Nearly 80 per cent of hotel guests say electric vehicle (EV) charging capacity impacts their booking decision, according to a survey from an Oxfordshire firm.

Virta's research, carried out by Kantar, states that quality EV charging points are as essential to guests as comfortable beds and a well-cooked breakfast.

The lack of efficient charging points is reported to risk hotels missing out on revenue.

Virta’s Suki Sangha said: "A lot of consumers simply aren't catered for by hotels when they easily could be.

"Yet the data shows that a good charging experience encourages longer stay times and increased revenue.

"At a bare minimum hotels are going to need 10 per cent of their parking spaces to be charge-enabled in order to future-proof their operations."

James Bell, a hotel manager at Voco Oxford Thames Hotel, added: "Businesses need to be equipped to meet demand today, or they will be left behind tomorrow; in terms of generating revenue, retaining existing clientele and protecting their businesses long-term.

“Damning figures have already shown that service stations are miles behind their targets for EV charging so this is the perfect opportunity for hotels across the length and breadth of the county to fill that void, providing our famed service alongside rapid charging.”

To learn more about the benefits of hotel EV charging facilities and ways to implement these changes, Mr Sangha will be hosting a webinar on March 14 which is open for registration.