THE first episode of a podcast deep-diving behind the scenes of Oxfordshire's court and crime stories is coming today (Friday, February 9).

The Oxfordshire Court and Crime Podcast, being published by The Oxford Mail, goes behind the scenes of all the latest trials, sentences, and more taking place across crown, magistrates' and coroners' courts.

Gee Harland, the paper's court and crime reporter, will host the podcast and bring listeners with her as she covers the latest trials as well as going into details about sentences that were not included in articles, flagging up future cases, and answering questions from listeners. 

A trailer for the podcast is now available on all major podcast platforms. Listen to the trailer here.

thisisoxfordshire: The Oxfordshire Court and Crime PodcastThe Oxfordshire Court and Crime Podcast (Image: NQ)

The first episode covers the murder trial which started at Oxford Crown Court this week after Jorge Carreno's body was found in the River Cherwell over two years ago.

A 25-year-old woman, Scarlet Blake, has been charged with his murder, which she denies.

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