A man who lied about breaching a prevention order by illegally viewing child pornography and "extreme pornographic images involving bestiality" was handed a suspended prison sentence at Oxford Crown Court on Friday.

The "lonely and isolated" 71-year-old, Stephen Wakeley, born November 13 1952, had already been serving a sentence of 10 months, which he had been given on June 2 2021, and had also had his internet and device use severely curtailed.

But Wakeley was found by police to be in breach of the sexual harm prevention order when it was discovered he had viewed bestiality and child pornography photos.

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Stern words were directed by Judge Ian Pringle KC, in his sentencing remarks, towards the defendant.

Wakeley, of Garsington, received a sentence of 18 months suspended for two years for which Judge Pringle deemed the guilty man "extremely fortunate".

He said: "You can't say I am a poor old man and I did not know what I was doing - that is not the case at all.

"You were just in flagrant breach of the order.

"It is disgraceful behaviour from all different points of view.

"You are participating in abuse of a child and the sexual abuse of an animal, it is just not acceptable."

The judge said the main mitigating factor which allowed for the suspended sentence was the fact that Wakeley had already served an equivalent of a 10-month sentence.

Barrister Stephen Donnelly had described previous conviction of the offender as having resulted from his living as an "isolated" and "lonely" individual.