A sapling grafted from on of the oldest standing apple tree was planted at Milton Park on behalf of His Majesty, King Charles III to commemorate his Coronation, on Tuesday this week (November 14).

The Milton Wonder sapling was planted by the Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire Mrs Marjorie Glasgow BEM, Chairman of Oxfordshire County Council Felix Bloomfield and Philip Campbell from Milton Park.

Attendees included Vice Lord-Lieutenant Brian Buchan, and business leaders from some of Milton Park’s largest occupiers.

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The Milton Wonder cultivar takes its name from a local variety of tree, dating back to 1810 in the nearby Milton Village and is nationally significant for its age, provenance and fruit. The planting of the tree followed the King and Queen’s earlier visit to the SOFEA food bank in Didcot.

Philip Campbell, Commercial Director at MEPC Milton Park said: “It was an immense honour to participate in the tree planting ceremony to mark His Majesty, the King’s Coronation. With the Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire and Vice Lord Lieutenant Brian Buchan’s kind assistance, a second sapling was presented to the King as a birthday gift.

“The apple remains a symbol of scientific discoveries and eureka moments, an apt nod to the wondrous innovations of our occupiers here at the Park. This tree-planting is also representative of our continued commitment to biodiversity and celebrates His Majesty’s passion for the environment.”