A nine-year-old from Didcot has created his own ‘Car of the Future’ based on a Mini Electric after winning a competition.

Oliver Gorrod has beaten hundreds of other young visionaries aged four to 10 across the UK who submitted their ideas for cars of the future.

The ‘Mini Minds... with Crayola’ competition was designed to inspire creative confidence in children and run riot with their imaginations by designing their dream for cars of the future.

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Oliver was praised by competition judges for his creativity and future gazing prowess. 

His design focused on nature, with the exterior of the car featuring different types of animals and foliage. 

The design, which was submitted by Oliver for the competition, was brought to life via a vinyl wrap that was then applied to the outside of the Mini.

Oliver said: “I can’t believe I’ve won. It was such a surprise and was so fun to enter as I love designing things.

"I like the idea of all cars being electric as they are better for the environment, animals and the planet. My car is designed as camouflage, so it blends into natural environments.”

Oliver’s prize includes his winning design being made into reality using a vinyl wrap on a Mini Electric and a big bundle of Crayola art materials for him and his school.

thisisoxfordshire: Oliver Gorrord from DidcotOliver Gorrord from Didcot (Image: Accounts Newspress)He will also get to visit Mini Plant Oxford for a private tour, to see how the Mini Electric is made.

Federico Izzo, director of Mini UK and Ireland said: “Children are renowned for their boundless imagination and this is evident in the ideas they have presented.

"We had entries which focused on being better for animals, boosting the mood of those around them, helping to save the bees and plenty with a focus on sustainability – the creativity of the designs was fantastic.

"We are excited to bring Oliver’s design to life and hope he will continue to innovate and dream big in the future.”