An outraged business collective have shared a video of shopkeepers in Oxford talking about how the LTNs have affected their livelihoods.

A Twitter account named Save East Oxford Businesses reposted a video it made in April this year, which includes several shopkeepers on Cowley Road sharing stories of business decline since the LTN measures were put in place.

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In the video, the owner of the Music Box, an instrument repair and sell shop, said: “Since the council has imposed all these changes on the road, customers can’t get here to pick up their stuff because it takes them far too long to get through the traffic.”

The owner of Maroc Deli, a delicatessen based in Cowley Road, said: “We are suffering a lot with our business.

“We’re losing about 20-30 per cent of our customers. They come from outside Oxford, from Witney, Swindon, Bicester and Abingdon, and it now seems they don’t want to come here anymore because it’s so hard to park, and there’s LTNs blocking the roads.”

A third shopkeeper, the owner of Oriental Foods, said: “Because the roads are blocked, a lot of customers are complaining they can’t come here because it takes too long, with all the traffic and not being able to find anywhere to park.”

The owner of Eastern and Continental Store said the LTN scheme is cruel and he will not support it.”


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