OXFORD Brookes University has been rated the seventh most haunted university in the UK.

The university is spread across four campuses with three sites back in Oxford and a fourth in Swindon. It was founded in 1865.

It was rated seventh by The Knowledge Academy which determined the most haunted university by analysing the number of cemeteries, gravestones, listed buildings and paranormal reports within two miles of each campus.

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The university has been placed in the top 10 due to its close proximity to listed buildings and several cemeteries.

Ghost tours are held in Oxford but not at the university site. People can visit the historic colleges and churches across the city as well as some popular streets.

The most haunted university, according to the research, is the University of Liverpool which was founded in 1884. It has 282,981 gravestones near it.

Second is the University of Bath and in third place is the university of York.

The University of Exeter has the highest score for paranormal incidents with a total of 59 reports and Liverpool John Moores University has the highest number of gravestones within a two-mile radius - a total of 346,080.

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In joint last out of 20 are the University of Glasgow and the University of Reading.


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