A DANCE group is to perform outside Oxford’s ‘Shark House’, to highlight the destruction caused by atomic bombs.

Cafe Reason Butoh Dance Theatre is an Oxford-based experimental performance group.

A dance event in New High Street – the home of the Headington Shark – is to take place this afternoon.

The performance also coincides with the 36th anniversary of the iconic shark sculpture, which is on Tuesday.

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The shark was erected on the 41st anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, which came days after Hiroshima was targeted by the United States.

Cafe Reason is to make its performance on Hiroshima Day, which today marks the 77th anniversary of the city’s destruction by the first atomic bomb.

Outlining the event, Cafe Reason revealed: “Remembering Nagasaki seeks to make the connection between the Headington Shark, which was erected on August 9, 1986 (the 41st anniversary of the subsequent bombing of Nagasaki) and – against the current backdrop of the invasion of Ukraine – how the violence and barbarity of war and feelings of bewilderment, fear, and helplessness still affect us all.”

The Headington Shark was added to the Oxford Heritage Asset Register in March, despite objections from owner Magnus Hanson-Heine.

Dr Hanson-Heine inherited the house from his late father, Bill, who installed the shark without planning permission in 1986, sparking a planning row with Oxford City Council.

For more on the Headington Shark, visit headingtonshark.com

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