A RESTAURANT owner from Oxford is raising money to help people who lost their homes in Bangladesh.

Moznu Miah, who owns Tiffins Tandoori in Kidlington and is a trustee and chairman at the Oxford Mosque Society in Bath Street, off St Clement’s, set up a fundraiser at the mosque to help the people affected by the floods.

Bangladesh is experiencing the worst floods in more than a century, which have already killed at least 32 people.

So far, four million people have been displaced and authorities have issued warnings as the water levels are expected to remain high in the country's north-eastern region, including Sylhet and Sunamganj.

Mr Miah, who is originally from Sylhet and came to Oxford in 1972, said: “It’s one of the worst floods that have ever been recorded, people have lost their houses, food and livestock, and the water is still rising – they are desperate for help.

“They need medical supplies, food and water. We set up a collection point at the mosque and we are collecting money to help them as much as we can.

“The people of Bangladesh need our help and this feels quite close to us as most of the people who came to England from Bangladesh are from the part of the country that is most affected.

“People there lost everything and it’s a huge area, with millions of people and the water level is not decreasing so we think the worst is still to come.

“All the money collected will go straight to that area, we have our people up there who will be able to give supplies to those who need it.”

To donate, visit the mosque or contact Mr Miah and the Oxford Mosque Society at moznumiah02@icloud.com