A young girl has completed a bike ride to help raise money for a cancer charity that is supporting her mum.

Zara Green, eight, cycled 14 miles on Sunday, June 19, and managed to raise nearly £2000 for The Hummingbird Centre, a cancer support centre in Bicester which has been supporting her mum in the last five years.

The Bure Park Primary School student entered the Lark Rise Bike Ride – a charity cycle aimed at raising funds for the brain tumour charity Brainstrust – after asking her mum what the word ‘charity’ meant, and then declaring that she wanted to cycle to raise money for The Hummingbird Centre.

Zara’s dad, Richard Green, helped her to set up a Just Giving Page, which can be donated to through this link.

Zara’s mum, 45-year-old Julie Green, said: “We’re really proud of her. Even though the race was increased by one-and-a-half-miles because of a diversion, she was set and ready to go.

“It’s amazing that she’s done this for The Hummingbird centre. It’s such a brilliant charity.

“She had been getting into cycling with my husband during the pandemic, so she decided she wanted to cycle to raise money.

“Family and friends have donated. Bure Park Primary School parents have donated. Our friends from Australia, and my husband’s work colleagues have donated.

“Everybody’s getting behind the fundraising effort because they couldn’t believe what happened to me with my diagnosis.”

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Zara also managed to attract a few donations during the event.

On the starting line, she made friends with Amelia Berrie, a young girl who happens to be the daughter of the man who organises the Lark Rise Bike Ride.

After hearing Zara’s story, Amelia has donated all her sponsorship to Zara’s fund.

The tea and cake ladies – who heard Zara’s story whilst she was refuelling at the first drinks stop – have also donated to her cause.

Five years ago, Mrs Green was diagnosed with breast cancer. Which came back as secondary cancer during the pandemic.

Mrs Green said: “The Hummingbird Centre has supported our family and been there for us with my secondary breast, and now bone cancer diagnosis in the last five years.

“The charity makes you feel like you’re not alone. They support the whole family too. It’s lovely to know that there’s somewhere in Bicester I can go to. The CEO, Renee, even came to support Zara at the finish line.

“My daughter is so happy, she’s a lovely happy child, considering what’s happening with me. She’s always got a smile on her face. We’re so pleased with what she’s done.”


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