Police were called to a school after fears were raised when two girls climbed on to a roof.

The girls climbed a two-storey building at Cheney School.

A student told the Oxford Mail "they were dangling off" the roof during the incident which happened at lunchtime on Thursday, May 26.

Police responded and, according to a school employee, one girl came down before they arrived and the second while they were there.

The student said: "A police officer gave a short statement to students, saying that we responded, to make sure that everyone is OK, and after that the school went on as normal."

Headteacher Rob Pavey confirmed the incident had taken place and involved a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old girl.

He said: "I can't go into details. They managed to climb on to a roof which is not something anyone has ever managed before.

"The police were called and helped to get the two girls down. No one was hurt."

Mr Pavey said senior staff handled the situation in a mature and calm manner and "did not make a worrying situation worse".

After the incident the school day went back to normal.

Mr Pavey said the reasons the girls went on to the roof were unconnected with school.