OXFORD City Council is looking to create a shared cycle and pedestrian path across a playing field.

A two-week consultation on the proposed path at Donnington Recreation Ground is set to launch next week, the council revealed.

The path will enter the recreation ground through a new access in Meadow Lane, and cross the field to meet Cavell Road.

The current entrance from Meadow Lane in the north west of the ground will be kept for pedestrians only, with a gate to prevent cyclists accessing.

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In a statement, the council reported that Donnington Football Club has been consulted on the proposals.

The statement added: “A small number of trees will be removed to allow the path to connect to Meadow Lane. Replacement trees will be provided nearby to compensate for this.”

The council’s deputy leader, Tom Hayes, said: “The creation of cycle routes is crucial to making Oxford an even more cycle-friendly city.

“Getting more people cycling is key and one of the best ways to reduce congestion and pollution. And it helps people stay fit and healthy.

“This new route through Donnington Recreation Ground will offer both cyclists and pedestrians a convenient and accessible way to cross the park whilst also encouraging greater, more general use of the ground.”

thisisoxfordshire: Oxford City Council’s deputy leader, Tom Hayes. Picture: Ed NixOxford City Council’s deputy leader, Tom Hayes. Picture: Ed Nix

The two-week consultation begins on Monday.

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