Oxfordshire family of racing enthusiasts who fund their son’s go karting ventures see him win national championship.

11-year-old Milo Manderson won a national karting competition on Saturday, April 30, which took place in Glan Y Gors Park in Wales.

The event was the third in a string of 12 racing events that comprise the Super One national championship.

The championship is a step-up from Milo’s previous races, and saw him driving a larger, adult-sized go kart with a 125cc engine.  

He finished in 9th and 6th in the first two races of the competition, which he only began competing in this year.

Before this national win, Milo has had great success in local races, including winning a championship held in Shenington in his first year of competing, at the age of 8.

Louise O’Brien, Milo’s mum, said: “This has been a very big achievement for Milo. It wasn’t an easy race. It had started to rain and a few karts came off. It all came down to the last corner on the last lap and Milo pulled off an amazing overtake to secure the race win.”

Milo has been karting since he was 5. His parents, Louise and Matt, have always been racing enthusiasts, having met whilst working for Honda Formula One.

Louise said: “I think Milo got into karting because of his dad. His dad got him his first car and helmet. He had a few practices and built up his confidence, then ended up racing.

“Since he was a tiny baby he’s been into care and bike racing. From a young age, when we would walk to school, he would try to race cars that drove past.”

Milo’s ambitions are funded out of pocket by his parents, and his dad took him to compete in this most recent national championship race in Wales.

Louise said: “We fund it all ourselves. At national level we’re competing against really good teams, who have specific people to do tyres, engines and body work. But Milo’s dad does all of that work himself.

“It is a lot of hard work for both of them. They would be out practising or racing every weekend come rain or shine.

“Milo also enjoys time on a race simulator. He is able to race using paddle shift gears and is able to put some adults, including his dad - who also races – through their paces.”

If anybody wants to follow Milo on social media he can be found on Facebook and Instagram under ’77 milo’s per hour’.


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