A DRUNKEN thug smashed his ex with a dog bowl then bit her chin and ‘ragged her like an animal’ in an orgy of jealous violence.

Bradley Paley, 29, made what his victim labelled an ‘evil promise’, telling her he would scar her so ‘no one else will have you, no one else will ever find you attractive’.

During the seven hour ordeal on October 31 last year, he walked uninvited into her home near Abingdon at around 5pm and began asking her about a new partner and accused her of ‘whoring herself about’.

Prosecutor Cathy Olliver told Oxford Crown Court yesterday: “Eventually, she felt she had to confirm to him the name of her new partner. On hearing this he launched himself at her.

The violence, which lasted until the early hours of the next morning, saw him punch her repeatedly, hold her head in the dog’s water bowl so she felt like he was trying to drown her, hit her so hard with the metal bowl it left two dents, throttle her and ‘boot’ her around the kitchen.

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He bit her chin then ‘ragged her around’ like a dog. The victim said Paley was ‘behaving like a rabid animal at this point’, Ms Olliver said.

She was threatened with the broken neck of a glass bottle, a snapped mop handle and a knife, the court heard.

Paley, who also trashed her home, told the woman in what the victim branded an ‘evil promise’ that he was going to disfigure her so no one else would find her attractive.

In the early hours of the next morning, he lay down next to her in her bed then throttled her until she passed out. She woke up at 6am, when he ordered her not to go to the police – telling her he would put fireworks through her door and had a car full of weapons.

In a victim personal statement, Paley’s ex said she was reminded of the assault every time she looked at her dog Rocky’s water bowl. “I feel anxious all the time. I feel like I’m scared of my own shadow.” She had started self-defence classes, she said: “He beat me to within an inch of my life and I don’t want to go through that ever again.”

She suffered a burst eardrum, cuts and scratches.

Interviewed by the police, Paley confessed he had ‘full on lost it’.

Mitigating, Peter du Feu said: “Mr Paley wants it to be said that he could not be more sorry for what he did to [the victim].

It is his fault, she is blameless. She will carry this for life and it is right that he should as well, because it was disgraceful.

“Those are his words and he wants me to express an unreserved apology.”

Paley was said to want to live in Sheffield following his release from prison. He was supported in court by family members.

Jailing him for four years, Judge Maria Lamb said the violence was ‘explosive’ and motivated by a combination of sexual jealousy and drink. “It is hardly surprising when one reads her [belief] that she thought she was going to die.”

Paley, of West Bridgford, Nottingham, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to attempted wounding with intent and causing criminal damage. A restraining order bans him from contacting his victim for life.