Readers have been giving their views on Oxford United’s proposal to build a new stadium on green belt land near Kidlington.

On Monday, the U’s announced that a formal proposal has been made to landowner Oxfordshire County Council regarding the sports ground, south of Kidlington.

The club has asked the council to lease part of Stratfield Brake for 250 years, with a view to building an 18,000-capacity stadium, training and community sports grounds, and hotel, retail and conference facilities.

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If a deal is agreed, the club will then be able to submit a planning application to planning authority, Cherwell District Council.

United have examined several potential sites for a long-term home, with the licence agreement at the Kassam Stadium set to expire in 2026.

A spokesperson for CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) Oxfordshire said: “This is a major development proposed in the green belt, with associated traffic impacts, in an area already under significant pressure from housing development and where the green belt is at its narrowest point, known as the ‘Kidlington Gap’.

“It is likely to fail most of the purposes of the green belt, including protecting the setting of the city and preventing the coalescence of settlements.

“They will therefore need to prove exceptional circumstances exist, to explain why the stadium can’t be located anywhere else and why the harm it will inevitably cause will be outweighed by the benefits.”

FREDA POWELL: “I hate the idea - go somewhere else.”

DEBBIE MAYCOCK: “I and many others love the idea - I’m behind it 100 per cent.”

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CRIS BLUNSDON: “Debbie Maycock I’m sure all football fans will love the idea but what about those of us trying to park or get out of Garden City on match days.

“They also want to build houses on the farmland right next to Stratfield Brake but where will the traffic go?”

MICHAEL COLE: “What a great opportunity for jobs etc to have a wonderful national sporting development.

“I hope the local population are smart enough to seize this one off chance to create a secure future for their area and their children’s future.”

JACKIE SIMMONS: “I’m happy!”

HELEN BARRETT: “More side street parking then. It’s bad enough already without more adding to it.”

BEN FLETCHER: “Helen Barrett they have chosen that spot because of the park and rides and parkway station - that equals less traffic.

“They are also next to peartree interchange which means less traffic build-up as they will have better access to the club.

“A planned ice rink and other facilities increasing employment, they will have their own property allowing them to actually thrive as they are currently in a rented stadium.

“They have only just started earning from stand stall sales in recent years.

“They have had points where they couldn’t access their own grounds until a couple of hours before match start.”

HELEN BARRETT: “Permit holders would improve the area for locals. As long as they don’t cost stupid money.”

ALAN BRAIN: “Helen Barrett I understand what your saying.

“But if it’s that bad now it can’t get any worse, if the streets are full they are full no matter what.

“In fact the ground could make things easier, (a system of) local permit holders only could be brought in. Try to be positive.”

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HELEN BARRETT: “Ben Fletcher people don’t use park & ride as they have to pay.

“Local people can’t even park outside their houses.

“I can’t even get outside my mum’s at times. Side roads are always full.”

HOLLIE WHEELER: “People always have to moan about something, just let them get on and build it.

“It’s a fantastic location with being near the park and ride and it’s not like it’s smack in the centre of Kidlington.

It’s makes brilliant use of the open space instead of houses.”

CRIS BLUNSDON: “The problem here is that it is green belt space which, I was always under the impression, meant nobody could build on it! Pretty soon there will be no green space.

“Don’t forget there is also a nature reserve there.” 

GEOFF HOUNSLOW: “Cris Blunsdon the nature reserve is not part of the plans so it will be untouched.”

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