A man was warned he faced a prison sentence after he was found guilty of punching his girlfriend in the face.

Dwain Tyrrell, now 21, was just 18 when he attacked the woman in Oxford on September 5, 2019.

The victim was overheard shouting ‘my eye, my eye’ by a resident sitting out on her balcony. The woman told jurors at Oxford Crown Court that the victim asked her if her eye was bleeding and explained she’d just been punched by her ex-boyfriend.

The Good Samaritan went to get her phone and, by the time she returned, the younger woman had gone.

Tyrrell, of Verbena Road, Oxford, denied causing the injury to his former girlfriend’s eye but admitted a charge of harassment.

The jury heard he had a history of breaching a restraining order imposed by the courts to protect his ex. When he punched the woman he was on court bail for breaching that restraining order and was, two weeks later, given a suspended jail sentence.

Judge Nigel Daly adjourned sentencing so the probation service could write a pre-sentence report. But he warned Tyrrell’s barrister Julian Lynch: “Quite frankly, given his behaviour in relation to the present restraining order, committing this offence whilst the subject of a restraining order and whilst being on bail, the strong possibility is that he’s going to get an immediate custodial sentence.”

Tyrrell will be sentenced on February 17.