A GOLF club has installed a speed radar to encourage safer driving.

A happy green face is shown when vehicles drive at less than 20mph at Oxford Golf Club’s main entrance in Hill Top Road.

However, when a vehicle exceeds 20mph, an angry red face is shown.

thisisoxfordshire: Kim De Keizer with Jai McGill and Roxy Roberts from Oxford Golf ClubKim De Keizer with Jai McGill and Roxy Roberts from Oxford Golf Club

Steve Greenwood, general manager at the golf club, said: “Hill Top Road is home to almost 70 houses and hundreds of residents who we always strive to maintain our positive relationship with.

“We are fortunate that most visitors to Oxford Golf Club travel within the 20mph speed limit and help ensure the safety of residents who live close to our entrance.

“However, each week we welcome new guests who may not be familiar with the local limits which is why the club has decided to invest in a large speed radar which will help encourage people to drive safely.

“The residents we have spoken to have welcomed this move to ensure our community remains a safe place for everyone.”

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Paul Kelso, who lives locally, said: “Hill Top Road is a closely-knit community and we’re pleased Oxford Golf Club is working with residents to help make our area a safe place to live.

“Not all houses have access to a driveway, so many vehicles are parked on the roadside which means visibility to potential hazards can be impeded.

“The 20mph speed limit is well signposted and almost all drivers adhere to the reduced speed.

“But you can never be too safe with speed so this radar will help prompt drivers unfamiliar with the area to slow down.”