THE rate of Covid cases in Oxfordshire are higher than the rest of the UK, according to latest stats.

The current weekly rate per 100,000 in the population is 572.8 - this is higher than the UK average.

The UK weekly rate is 439.7 per 100,000.

There have been 607 new Covid-19 cases registered in Oxfordshire in the last 24 hours according to the latest Government figures.

The figures comes as one person in West Oxfordshire tested positive for the Omicron variant, and two individuals at Oxford University are also expected to have the variant.

The rate of infection in Oxford as of 4pm on Friday stands at 572.8 cases per 100,000 people, higher than the England average of 439.7.

These are the latest cases separated by local authority:

  • Oxford – 78
  • South Oxfordshire – 137
  • Cherwell – 155
  • West Oxfordshire – 115
  • Vale of White Horse – 122

The total number of coronavirus cases since the pandemic started are:

  • Oxford - 22,247
  • Oxfordshire – 22,247

The UK has recorded a further 143 Covid-related deaths and 50,584 new cases, according to Government data.

Cases identified through a positive lateral flow test – those which can deliver results within half an hour – will no longer be counted if the person then takes a PCR test, which is sent to a lab to be checked, and receives a negative result within three days.

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