A PARENT said he is ‘angry’ about the way health services handled an Omicron outbreak at a school.

Pupils in a Year 1 and Year 2 class Heyford Park School, in Bicester, were sent home on Monday after encountering a suspected Covid case.

Yesterday, UK Health Service Authority confirmed that the Covid case was the Omicron variant.

A parent, however, has criticised the way the health authority handled the case.
Parents were told Monday evening that there had been close contact with a suspected Omicron case in the Jellyfish class.

Pupils and their siblings at the school were told to isolate.

The parent said on Tuesday they were told they can return on Wednesday if they have had a negative PCR test.

By Wednesday evening, however, the parent said that the pupils were once again told to isolate again.

On Thursday, evening they were sent a letter confirming the case was a Omicron variant.

The parent said: “I am very angry that it's taken a week for the UKHSA to act on this, it may have caused an outbreak and has caused tremendous stress for the children and hard working parents, trying their best to continue in their jobs not knowing what to tell their employers.

“The school have been put in an impossible situation, between the UKHSA and the parents.

“They have handled the situation very well given the UKHSA's lack of communication.

“Nothing but praise for the school.”

UKHSA has been contacted for a statement.


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