Animals enjoyed a wildlife winter wonderland when snow fell yesterday.

Jack Russell Fern, aged one, and Staffie Oscar, eight, enjoyed a sparkling walk on Shilton Road near the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Burford.


thisisoxfordshire: FernFern


thisisoxfordshire: OscarOscar

They are both reserved and heading for new homes in time for Christmas.

Cotswold Wildlife Park also shared spectacular images of its animals enjoying the winter cold snap.

White Rhino calf Molly, with mum Nancy, and Zebra foal Maxwell, pictured with mum Stella, were both seeing snow for the first time.

Molly and Nancy 

thisisoxfordshire: Rhino Calf MollyRhino Calf Molly


thisisoxfordshire: Zebras

Maxwell was born in August and named by senior mammal keeper Jenni Maxwell.

The penguins, of course, looked right at home next to a pond blanketed in white.

thisisoxfordshire: Penguins

Even the Bactrian camels can cope with the freezing temperatures. They inhabit Central and East Asia’s rocky deserts where temperatures can reach over 100°F but can also drop to –20°F in winter. Their thick, shaggy fur moults as the seasons change.

thisisoxfordshire: Bactrian camels

Meanwhile, over in the Children's Farmyard this picture of a curious pig is sure to warm the cockles.

thisisoxfordshire: Children's Farmyard

The park was forced to close due to the adverse weather but is due to reopen today.


Wolverine Sarka

thisisoxfordshire: Wolverine SarkaWolverine Sarka