AN alleyway has finally been cleaned of mountains of fly-tipped rubbish.

Two weeks ago, litter picker Jamie Jessett, from the Bicester Litter Picker Voluntary Group, called on Cherwell District Council to tidy up the run-down area off Sheep Street.

And on Monday, Jamie spotted the waste had been removed and the area swept clean.

The Bicester Litter Picker Voluntary Group is now calling for more co-operation from the public going forward to keep the area looking nice.

Jamie said: “It would be good if the public didn’t fly-tip and went to the tip.

“If they’re struggling to get rid of stuff, then obviously speak to the council and get them to come and collect it. There shouldn’t be any reason to go and dump it anywhere.”

The 26-year-old, who founded BLPVG Group last year, said he was proud the fly-tipping has been dealt with but disappointed it had taken so long.

“I don’t understand why someone has to complain for it to be dealt with in the right way.

“The council should be going there if they see issues that come up.

"My group let them know about it they should be going there and helping whoever owns that private land.”

Jamie said he would like to see lighting and more bins added in Deans Court to make the area more appealing.