A homeless man breached a court order by wandering in the street with a shopping trolley and shouting foul-mouthed abuse.

Jose Phillips, 60, told PCSOs he ‘loved w***ing’, called two police officers ‘English c***s’ and, in another incident, urinated on a pillar outside the Said Business School.

The Oxford man, who at the time was homeless and living out of a shopping trolley, was found guilty in a series of trials or pleaded guilty variously to charges of breaching his criminal behaviour order, threatening behaviour and common assault.

He was given an 18 month community order at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday and ordered to complete a 12 month alcohol treatment programme. The criminal behaviour order, first made in 2017 and which he has breached almost 40 times, runs until 2024.

The catalogue of offending began on May 17, when Phillips stuck his middle finger up at a security guard outside the Said Business School, Frideswide Square, and urinated against a pillar. Police officers arrested him and as they were waiting for a custody van to arrive, the bearded suspect told the PCs to ‘f*** off and go f*** themselves’.

On May 25, drivers were forced to stop as Phillips walked in Hythe Bridge Street. When he was arrested he told officers: “You wait until these f***ing cuffs are off. I am going to f***ing kill you.”

The following day he was wandering in the road in St Aldates then kicked an innocent woman as she walked past. He told two police officers called to the scene that they were ‘English c***s’.

He verbally abused officers on May 28 after he was arrested on unrelated matters.

On June 2, he was pushing his trolley in the road in breach of his criminal behaviour order.

The next week, on June 8, he was reported to police for dancing in the middle of the road in Hythe Bridge Street and George Street. A number of members of the public valiantly moved the trolley.

On August 7, he was wandering in Walton Street, Jericho. When PCSOs turned up and found him outside pizzeria Mamma Mia he told them: “I love w***ing. There’s nothing better than a good w***.” During his trial he said he’d been topless during part of the exchange with the PCSOs because ‘it’s summer and I’m Spanish and I like a bit of sunshine on my skin’.

The magistrates heard on Wednesday that Phillips had 143 offences on his rap sheet, including 37 previous convictions for breaching his criminal behaviour order.

Angela Porter, mitigating, said her client had been in prison on remand from August until October – the equivalent of a four month jail sentence.

Having been homeless and living out of his shopping trolley, he now had a room at the Botley Road youth hostel – used as temporary accommodation for the homeless during the pandemic. He stood to lose that place within weeks when the building returned to its pre-pandemic use.

Phillips had a number of health conditions, including memory loss, and was described as ‘eccentric’ by his solicitor.

He must pay a £95 victim surcharge.

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