MYSTERY knitters have bombarded Oxfordshire with their creations through the years, an orange and yellow octopus in Didcot is the most recent.

According to one of these mystery creators, the whole purpose of these installations is to put a smile on people’s face.

Here is a round-up of the ones we have found this year so far:

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1. Christmas postbox topper made by Debbie Richards, Didcot

thisisoxfordshire: Picture by Ed NixPicture by Ed Nix

2. Knitted snowmen in woolly hats, a Christmas tree, Christmas pudding, Carterton

thisisoxfordshire: Crocheted postbox topper in Carterton

3. "Ronald", the bust of a soldier knitted in green yarn, Abingdon

thisisoxfordshire: 'Ronald''Ronald'

4. Remembrance post box hat, Abingdon 


5. Orange and yellow octopus on post box, Didcot


6. Giant snail on a lamp post, Didcot


7. A beach scene with a blue whale, a Loch Ness monster, a boat, colourful fishes and a palm tree,Oxford.thisisoxfordshire:

8. Bumblebees and flowers topper, Abingdon

thisisoxfordshire: Post box hats spotted on Wooton Road in Abingdon

9. Spooky topper with pumpkin, ghosts and a purple spider, Didcot


 10. Remembrance Day topper, Didcot



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