Oxford Mail readers have been discussing the reliability of bus services in the city.

We asked readers on the newspaper’s Facebook page: “Have you noticed more buses being cancelled recently?" and they responded with their views.

Bus companies sometimes put out warnings to passengers that services will be delayed if roadworks are causing gridlock.

On September 21, there were major delays across the city centre due to roadworks and Oxford Bus Company tweeted a warning to passengers that services were being delayed by 90 minutes.

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The company said at the time: “The city is now gridlocked this evening as well, we are currently experiencing severe delays of up to 90 minutes on some routes.

“The 3/3A, City5 and Abingdon services are most affected. Thank you for your patience during these difficult conditions.”

Major roadworks on Botley Road undertaken by Thames Water have now been completed, which has significantly reduced traffic delays.

There were also bus cancellations and delays due to congestion in the city centre in October 2019.

Oxford Bus Company at the time warned its passengers: “Traffic on Botley Road and Abingdon Road showing no signs of easing. Congestion is also affecting Frideswide Square/Rail Station and St Giles and Banbury Road.”

Some readers on Facebook criticised bus services while others said they had not experienced any particular problems.

One former bus driver commented, saying he had received abuse from a minority of passengers and this had forced him to quit.

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GARRET COYLE: “I left because I was fed up with abuse from passengers, not all passengers I may add, but when too much abuse takes its toll and then I felt myself getting angry most days and having re occurring nightmares due to my service in the army, only one option I had and that was to leave the industry.

“A lot of passengers were great, but some are very ungrateful for the job we try to do and keep everyone happy.”

ALAN BEAMES: “The fastest way to improve the health of Oxford residents would be to cancel them all (the buses).”

JOANNA HORTON: “Alan Beames Not everyone can walk or drive a car.”

THOMAS SAUNDERS: “Alan Beames great lots more cars on the road more traffic and pollution.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “They are literally never on time.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “That’s because of car drivers causing traffic jams.

“Try doing the job before moaning about buses being late.”

LISA LING: “Why are they cancelling buses?"

ROSY REED: “That was happening so bad before Covid on the Aylesbury to Oxford 280.”

ABBEY CASTANHEIRA: “Yes - so annoying when not notified.”

JAMES KIRTLAND: “Not enough buses.”

STEPHANIE HANCOCK: “Yes - the X3 from the John Radcliffe keeps being changed to Abingdon instead of the six-minute Barton Park route.”

CHRIS DRISCOLL: “Yes - it’s annoying not being notified. Has happened twice now.”

NIKI GILES: “Cancel them all.”

KAREN ELLWOOD: “There are not enough drivers and the drivers they have are working flat out for weeks without a day off to help.”

NICK ROCKALL: “Yes one out of service.”

CRAIG SMITH: “Bus drivers are jumping on to HGVs with the better rates of pay.”

MICHAEL LARMAN: “Craig Smith but HGV drivers are refusing to drive for a living because of poor rates of pay and long hours. You couldn’t make it up.”

KATHRYN WHITBY: “Good Lord! That cancel culture is endemic!”

PHIL REAY: “I cannot say I have. Is it time to panic, is that where this is leading where we have sit-ins on buses?

GOWHARA NOOR: “We need buses on electric with no drivers.”

MICHAEL LARMAN: “Cancelled? The evidence I’m seeing is they are now doing a door to door service!”

JULIAN PHILP: “Let’s all panic ride the buses.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “Bus crisis - go and buy a few.”

LEE BENNETT: “Well in 2016 around 122 bus services were cancelled.”